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     You can purchase a 23-GT track roadster in several stages of construction, which range from a basic frame and body package to a complete "roller" or a "turn-key" car. The base car can easily accommodate two 6' tall, 200 lb. adults, however you can order a "stretched" 23-GT for a taller driver. The doors can be increased in size by 2" or 4" with a corresponding increase in leg room. See line drawings below.

     It can accommodate most any small-block V8 engine and transmission package, and will be offered with complete crate motors and drivelines from leading manufacturers. Naturally, 4 and 6-cylinder engines can also be utilized. There are also front and rear suspension options (traditional straight axle front, 4-bar rear, etc.).

     Prices will vary per application and will be quoted on an individual basis. Car is F.O.B. Indianapolis, IN.

Optional Door Sizes